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Monday, June 13, 2011 HIS311Y1 Prof. C. Pennington Mackenzie King and No Commitments 1921 - 1929 Canada joined the League of Nations but was not enthusiastic for the possibility of war entanglement later due to Article X Canada did very well for itself at the conference Canada signed the Treaty on its own historians agree that if any country gained anything it was the Dominions: they rose in international standing Borden didnt make it through: he had to go back home and deal wdomestic matters difficulty of diplomacy at the time was that you had to be physically present and away form your duties if you were to be heard Bordens Legacy the month after he resigned became ill due to the stress of WWI did not like politics and did not want to stand in the way of the party so it was an easy decision successful Canadian contribution to victory in WWI this increased international standing for Canada however what the status was exactly was still undefined at Bordens leave in 1920 Borden said Canada is a nation but not a nation i.e. Canada could make its own decisions only within the allowance of the British empire Bordens mixed legacy: although he brought canada more into the world stage exactly what the contribution was is unclear he also caused severe damage to national unity for Borden winning the war trumped everything else: he chose winning the war over the needs of the people Conservative party was severely affected by his conscription decision: did not recover in Quebec until Mulroney days International Relations in 1920s people were recovering from the war Belgium and France were the most affected: there was a lot of physical devastation weconomic consequences i.e. destroyed railway systems; damageddestroyed structures, etc. human devastations: millions killed the League of Nations was supposed to represent the new diplomacy Balance of Power way (where war was a need) was to be replaced league was crippled by some participants: Germany (not allowed to join until later) also the USSR was not allowed - because they were Communists US never joined - probably the most crippling blow
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