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Monday, June 20, 2011 HIS311Y Prof. C. Pennington The Second World War 1939 - 1945 Parliament will decide - 1939 decided to make a limited commitment there was enthusiasm for the war but there was also some hesitation there was a brief debate against the issue CCF party leader voted against Sept. 10 Canada declared war on Germany King wanted to wait a week to let the world know that Canada could make its own decisions Kings Wartime Promises national unity first and most important of his priorities signaled a different approach from Bordens (he was ultimately willing to sacrifice unity to win) King would go to almost any length to preserve unity this meant he would not use conscription it was necessary to reassure (especially French Canadians) that this was a war of limited liability military victory King did not feel that Canada was going to be a principal player in the war anyway it was only important to let the world know that Canada had done its bit King did not understand the military: tactics, ranks, etc. he did not impose himself on talks of strategy took a relatively passive role in the act of military strategy mediating between Britain and the US King envisioned himself as the linchpin between Great Britain and US he thought: bc of its unique status Canada had a unique understanding of both sides and would be an ideal mediator between the two he called this the premise of the North American triangle: it governed Kings foreign policy thinking part of his idea to situate himself between the two great powers Limited liability to June 1940 BCATP trainees at Aylmer, ON 1942 No conscription! French Canada was still weary of conscription (even though it was promised not to be used) and war in general didnt seem that this would be the kind of war in which conscription would be necessary air power was the defying factor of this war King reluctantly decided to send about 40 000 troops to serve in England it was a volunteer division - and it was more than King wanted to do what really suited King was to make financial commitments - not so much men British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
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