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HIS316H1 - Lecture 3 Documentary: Art and Copy (by: Doug Pray) - favorable to advertising, made by a board of advertisers - take note of stats, geniuses, campaigns - gospel of creativity - the thesis: advertising is a form of art that informs, excites, and entertains the lives of America - talks a lot about creativity - the role is that of the artist, and the misison is to enchant - really good advertising not ony inspires the consumer to buy, but inspires the manufacture to do better - "everything is like an ad, like air and water" about the matrix - George Lois - had a start in the 60s - "at times, advertising is like poison gas" - old Esquire covers (said something) - they understood they were making a statement, changing a culture, making a point - he is greek-american - ad for Tommy Hilfiger (considered a sin by Rutherford) - ads changes perception of everything - Phyllis K. Robinson - original copy chief at Dane Doyle Bernbach - Rich Silverstien - Goodby, Silverstein and partners - did california milk ad - progress myth: believes that he is the truth, others were a lie - Jeff Goodby - "art serving capitalism" - got milk? ad - its the same as making art - Bill Bernbach - at DDB, first place to have art director and copy director working together on same floor - "image to words" important to his concept - Mary Wells - founder, Wells Rich Greene - her life was dedicated to theater, but it help her fuel her advertising skills (interest in spectacle) - creative revolution of the 1960s, approached ads with elements of theatrical - big, dramatic things - Jim Durfee - making the ordinary, extraordinary - Dan Wieden - Wieden+Kennedy - Nike campaign, huge for them (fail in life, then suceed) - David Kennedy - Hal Riney - Hal Riney and Partners - master of emotion in his ads - wrote - Lee Clow - was with an offfshoot with Chiat-Day - worked for a place that wanted boring, formalaic outlines - "morning in america" 1984 reagan relection campaign by Riney - held huge amount of emotion - Volksvagen campaign - "Lemon", "Nobody's perfect", "think small" - became the coolest car around - DDB ad - "Where's the beef?" ad - motor mouth campaign (federal express) - I love NY ad - tried to resell NYC - you can manufacture any feeling you want to manufacture - Tommy Hilfiger campaign by George Lois - was unsure, embarrassed by it but it worked - California Cougar ad - 80s, white wine - Perrier ad - Riney did it - best of emotion in ad - MTV ("I want my MTV") - did not have much distribution, so it was to increase popular support amongst people to be played stations - Crocker bank ("We've only just begun") - Hal Riney created - created song by many artists to attracting young clients to old bank (Carpenters) - Milk ad (california) - make sure you dont run out of milk - "got milk ?" - Clairol Hair - "it lets me be me", Phyllis Robinson - having a woman as head of copy with specific ad helped allow it to resonate - American Tourister - the gorilla ad - another DDB ad - Braniff airlines - Wells rebranded the airline - Jack Tinker and Partners (before WRG) and DDB - paint the planes, redo the uniforms, dramatic flare - end of the depression, fun ideas - "Girl with flowers" - in 1964, partly by DDB for president johnson - about nuclear holocost - American Motors' Rebels - WRG driving ad, bad drivers - apple ad (think different campaign) 90s - advertising cost $474 Billion American in 2010 - 44% of satellites are lauunched for commersical communications - 70% tv revenue comes from ads - in the 70s, 1000 ads a day are exposed to each person, now about 5000 - average U.S. household watches over 8 hours a day - 40% of tv viewing is secondary activity - 75% households have 3 or more tvs - political advertising of 2.6 billion, car about 15 billion, food 35 billion - 30 second ad vosts $750,000 - Michael Jordan's value to Nike, $5.2 billion - 30 second in super bowl, $2.7 billion - "advertising is a way in which the corporations can express its soul (Bruce Barton said something similar only he wanted corporation to replace the church) - "I think creativity can solve anything" perhaps a sign of ignorance History of advertising - pre-modern advertising - not many pic ads were a form of news (items useful and reputable info) kind of plain speech Viewing ads from Montreal paper - plain speak ******** - cheapest spot (claim) - ads at the bottom of the spot show when they were placed in the
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