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Lecture 9

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th Lecture 9: Wednesday November 16 , 2011 Last Week Continued  In the kin corporation, the mode of production, the organization of men’s and women’s work often reinforce the differences o The way labour is organized reinforces the differences between spouses and the similarities between sisters  Wives gain access to the means of production through their husbands and husbands will exert different control over their wives, particularly their wives labour o The husband’s family controls the productivity of the wife  The sister and the brother are equal and so the wife is a subordinate relation of the husband o Yet, every wife is also a sister and as such can claim the productive means of the brother’s wives  In the kin corporate mode of relation, a women’s adult life cycle rotates between two productive relationships o 1. Wifehood – in which case she works for and bears children for the husband’s group. Nonetheless, as the woman’s children grow-up, the woman may become more involved even in a kin corporation which is not hers o 2. Motherhood – mother of adult children. Bareness is looked down upon. You are able to make choices for yourself through your children. Relates a woman to a husband’s group’s means of production. As the children enter their father’s group’s productivity, the mother becomes a non-lineage member with control. This Week  Kinship terms are about relations to productive means and forces, as well as being about particular domains of rights and responsibilities o Who has rights over who, who owns their own rights, etc.  There were no pure communal modes of production in Africa at this time, instead there were valued symbiotic relationships between those who collected/exchanged and those who produced goods  In a state stratified society, mode of production was organized b
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