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Ashley Wright

HIS LEC 16 Feb 2.10 Opium War Part II Commissioners Lin solving the problem of the opium - Was making threats but his results were weak, never did anything 1839: the qing debate on the opium problem in resolved - Lin zebu sent to canton by the emperor to clamp down on the opium problems arrives in March of 1839, he was 54 yr. Old when sent, he was Gov. General of a campaign against opium smoking - He threats with moral persuasion to stop the dealers, smokers etc - Lin Zebu’s initial measures - Proclamations - order all smoker to hand over pipe and opium - Measures in schools - he targets schools in particular, gets the school to give him a list of all the student who are users - He made groups in school of internal policing - He calls a special assembly of all school, to integrate then to see who the deal- ers are - Lin Zebu’s policies - He seizes a great majority of it all the moves his focus to the suppliers if the opium - Towards the Cohong - And the foreign merchants - He doesn't want to have armed conflict and approaches it delicate - He talks and interview the cohong who have foreign merchants who be- come smugglers. - he tells them that they have to tell their foreigns that they have to hand over their opium - He doesn't compensate for the foreign merchants so they are not willing to comply with lin’s merchants - So lin says that its to their benefit to comply - Towards the foreign opium traders - Appeal to Queen Victoria ******* - Wants to apple to the British on moral grounds - Its not being smoked in Britain so why china - The letter how ever never reached her - March 24,1839: lin orders a cessation of foreign trade - Subsequent surrender of opium - foreign merchants dont want to HIS LEC 16 Feb 2.10 - Response to this lin orders all foreign trade to stop and ordered to leave their service - Statement btw lin and Elliot regarding future opium smuggling - Removal of the British to Hong Kong - This tactic works and over 20,000 chest of opium are surrendered to the british commissioner of trade Charles Elliot and then goes to lin (they think they have a claim to the British parliament cause they are handing it to him but its just going back to lin) - Lin then cuts it up and barriers it and puts it in the ocean - May 1839 - opium been secedes, and situation seems under control - solves a short term problem but no the long term - To stop long term smuggling he makes the British traders sign a contract that any ships coming in opium it will be taken away and will be sentence to death but british wont sign it - When refuse to sign then expelled from canton and the port trade route that is in china - The British merchants then retreat to hong kong - But smuggling continues into china but the price went up to $3000 a chest from $500 - The American merchants were smuggling and are the middle men in the British and the Chinese There is increased tension btw British and China - British were always unwilling to operate with the rules of the canton system - Qing attitude towards foreigners - British attitude towards china - The role of British merchants - The role of British merchants - The opium trade - The legitimate trade - National prestige? - The tendency of the British to protect their status from threats by a show of force - Charles Elliot wrote to london asking for assistant, and they answered, they an insult to Britain must be meet with force - They all want to go to war with china - There is a counter movement also there is an anti opium movement of Quaker with and interest a social reform and a movement of temperance HIS LEC 16 Feb 2.10 - The debate on opium in British society - March 1840: debate in the British house of commons - Takes a while for the new to get to Britain - There is a debate in the H of C of how to react this - There is a fleet sent to canton to protect British interest and retaliate - But the war has been declared yet - The debate: you see various thoughts on it - The govt wants to move the debate way from the trade and about lin For opium trade - But when the trade ppl want to defend the opium trade - argument that it would be back for the govern in india bcd that how they make their mon- ey - Britain want to maintain their empire in india - for opium trade - Libertarian, if thats what they want to do then they will do it, they will just get it from somewhere see like turkey - They really dont even want to and its just a hapocracy, since it only be- came a problem once it was not only the elite doing it anymore Anti opium (in Britain) - Anti opium say that it will come to britain and will serve them right The opium war - Fortification of canton - Canons for the forts - Sets up chains to block the harbors - Trains set up for the forces in china - Sept - oct 1839: 1st clashes btw the china and the brits - The frustrations is so much that the ships starts to clash each other - Speratic violence - The Brits dont thing that they dont have to abide by Chinese law while in china, they kill a villager but the Brits dont punish they harshly - June 1840: the Brit fleet arrives at canton - Brit arrive and confusing headed but Elliot's cousin with a fleet - But they dont do what lin expects and invade the harbor, but sail north at the Chinese cost and cease island on the cost and if they can control some of the entrance of the rivers HIS LEC 16 Feb 2.10 - They are just rampaging up the cost - Jan 1841: agreement btw Quentin and Elliot - Cease and area and negotiate with the emperor bcd he his scared that he will take over the city and the emperor sends them to canton to get them away - Bcd of his success from removing the brit and takes over Lin’s position and Lin id exiled - The agreement they reach is that they will have hong king and get 6 million dol- lars (Mexican) and as well as allowed to communicate with the state and not have to go through cohong, re open the trade in canton - In exchange, they give back they cities and not want money for the opium - Then Quentin is removed bcd they govt is pissed about what he promised - Also Brit govt aren’t happy so Charles Elliot is removed as well. - The agreement didnt of through -
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