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← January 31 st ← European Colonization in North America ← Introduction: Competition in the “New World” • 1534-1750 • Other European powers wanted to get into new world action – get in on gold and salve o Mostly didn’t manage gold but found other good products like tobacco • Mercantilism o Wealth is finite o France gains therefore Spain loses – kind of crazy • Competition o More intense than in the Indian ocean o Pirates or privateers (government given a license to go out and attack ships) o Wealth produced military power – thus fueled wars between Europeans ← New France: Fur and the Middle ground • Not middle kingdom (china) or middle passage (slave trade) it was the accommodations within an encounter o Because they needed each other o French traders often married native wives o They learned the languages (because thy needed to) o Some were adopted into a tribe o Participated in the rituals o Drew the natives into the global economy o Jacques Cartier was the first of the French explorers, but didn’t result in many settlements o EARLY 1600 small settlements in Acadia (now nova scotia) led by Champlain Shipped over young women “les filles du roi” for the settlers ← New Netherland: Merchant traders • Dutch more interested in trade than in spreading religion • Explorations o Henry Hudson 1607 1611 flourished  Led many of the explorations  Went all the way up to the Hudson in New York  Didn’t discover it, but was renamed for him • Trade o Very involved with the Dutch along the east coast o Wampum  Beaded belts made out of quahog (clam with white shell with purple streaks)  The patterns on the belt/ banner/ things depicted diplomacy  Used to record treaties, to record a oral history  But was turned into a form of currency Algonquin’s traded to the Dutch in return for manufactured goods  Dutch then traded to natives in upstate new york for fur
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