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Nhung Tuyet Tran

ysk Yuan Shikai :President of China 1912-16 1.Yuan and other parties a)In 1912 Sun agreed to step down for Yuan as Provisional President on 3 conditions i.The capital would remain Nanjing ii.YSK would come to Nanjing to be Provisional President iii.Yuan would respect the constitution drawn up by Parliament b)Yuan’s initial Cabinet contained a lot of his own supporters rather than members of main parties. Initiallyrelations with Sun were quite good. Sun had been appointed director of railways. c)In December 1912 elections were held for Parliament. Song Jiaoren persuaded 4 smaller groups to join the Tongmeng hui to form the Guomindang or Nationalist Party (which was Sun’s party). The Guomindang won more seats than other parties. By Feb. 1913 the Guomindang had a majority in Parliament and Sung campaigned for Guomindang control of the cabinet. Sung was assassinated in March 1913. d)In April 1913 Yuan obtained a massive loan (25 million pounds) from a Foreign banking consortium - without the consent of Parliament. Sun and others opposed this which led to a break down of relations between Yuan and the revolutionaries. e)In June/July 1913 7 provinces declared independence - this was the “Second Revolution” - this time against Yuan. Yuan’s troops rapidly defeated the rebellion. Sun fled to Japan. 2.Yuan and Parliament a)Following the opposition to the Reorganization loan, Yuan surrounded Parliament with troops. b)In Oct 1913 Yuan forced Parliament to elect him
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