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Elizabeth Ferguson

HIS354 January 28th 2014 MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY: MANHOOD AND FAMILY LIFE midterm • short answers • excerpts from primary texts, what do they mean what are they saying • key terms and concepts Outline 1. Marriage and Family Life 2. Husbands and Wives 3. Fatherhood MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE • highly desirable, part of the life cycle • defined gender relations and roles • basis of political and social order • impact on the basis of men's claims to authority • defined the ideals of the gender system and the relationship between men and wife • as head of the household, man was legally more responsible for all dependents and making sure all within the household are conducting themselves in a reputable way • involving the authority of husbands, linked manhood to patriarchy as well Catholicism and the Family • shifts in the way marriage and families are formed • The Holy Family (Mary, Joseph and Jesus) as a model • boost in the position of Joseph • provided and image of the monogamous family • changes in the figure of mary • large informality when it comes to marriage, but then there is a stronger institutionalization of it coming into the modern era • Council of Trent III session 1562-3, marriage as an institution in the 16th century has far more importance and is much more formal • holy family model established as a recreation to the importance of marriage and celibacy, social order • suddenly there is a boost in the position of joseph • set clear expectations of how man and woman should behave • Protestantism and the family: women are essentially half children, it is charitable for man to marry her, he is a caregiver, source of rule and reason, woman but submit to this The Importance of Marriage • Robert Cleaver, Godly Form of Household Government • strict values of christian marriage Conduct Literature and Manhood • manhood distinguished from womanhood along the axis of gender • e.g., a woman's duties reside solely in shame fastness whereas a man needs many things: as wisdom, eloquence, knowledge of things, remembrance, skill in some trade or craft to live by, justice, courage, and other things and qualities more
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