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5 February 4

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Nhung Tuyet Tran

women in vietnamese history the rights of women may not be accurate according to existing written laws, different among classes and oral laws as well vietnamese history that come out of vietnam, North America or france all pertain to the arguements of that time france used vietnamese women's right to help justify westernizing them, under france's rational to "civilize" this place in 1901 with the establishment of the EFEO ● their mission was to find the authentic origin of vietnam ● ddifference of opinion on the womens actual rights ● new orientalists ● edward said - orientalism - published 1970s ● argued in 19th century archeology and anthropology western countries (germany and england) went out saught to define the east as a specific place, the "other" ● they originally went out to research for ancient history, theyd talk about the history of these places as if they remained static, as if nothing had changed since then ● the west, in terms of time would be always moving forward but the east is eternally static ● therefore what they found in those digs helps explain the people ● Said was the first to bring out that this idea was
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