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HIS102: Jan 23 Lecture Notes

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Carol Chin

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HIS102Jan 23 2014European arrivals Spanish and Portuguese Conquest and Expansion1IntroductionoConflicts and tension within EuropeoInfluence on how Europeans acted in the new worldoGoal and searching of EuropeansoTheir goals changed upon arrival to the land physical land and inhabited landoMoment Columbus arrived ALL was an experimentoWas HIGHLY experimentaloColumbus connected to the MediterraneanoMany fishermen of Europe fishing around the Medit worldoConcept of land besides EuropeoColumbus voyages 14921504 he first approached the Portuguese as they were the most involved in overseas expansion at the timeoPortuguese said no so did England and FranceoHowever Ferdinand of Spain accepted and funded his tripoTension between Spain and PortugaloSpain wanted more exportation tradeoOct 14 92Columbus arrived to Bahamas he made 4 trips in 12 yearsoSecond trip 149396oMain Spanish interest is gold oGold defined a stats wealth It was the only measure of wealth at the timeoTaino were the first pe
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