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Lecture 5

HIS311 Lecture 5 - Bothwell

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Robert Bothwell

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Lecture 5: 09/28/10 Seven Years War/French Indian War 1714-63 Newcastle: William Pitt Oswego Fort William Henry Ticonderoga British colonies grew in population in the mid 18 century  more and more waves of immigrants and high birth rates (in both French and English colonies) Immigration: you remain a subject of the monarch in the lands you were born Problems: 17 century produced many refugees looking to avoid persecution Others were encouraged by local authorities to (???) If you move to a British colony, you have the same rights as people who were born there -German was almost the major language in Pennsylvania -In Great Britain, England was the most dominant of the union • The absorption of Scotland caused rebellion and social economic change (people were driven off the land) • Ireland is a rich source for immigrants as well -In the colonies, land speculation is a big way to make money (growth in population meant the growth in land possessions – mostly to the west and in Virginia/Pennsylvania) -Each colony had a: • Governor (from England) • Elected assembly • ??? The British had to spend very little in their colonies (which were very devolved and decentralized in the 18 century) -There was not much of a standing army in the colonies -George 1 and 2 ndwere German born thus their most important foreign priority was Germany • British foreign policy is European oriented Louis XIV in 1701 developed a policy: French colonies should expand around the Great Lakes and Ohio, down the Mississippi to Louisiana -The
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