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Lecture 9

HIS311 Lecture 9 - Bothwell

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Robert Bothwell

Lecture 9: 10/12/10 Potential Identification Topics: -1814 Treaty of Ghent; 1817 Rush-Bahgot Agreement; 1818 Boundary Convention -Some of the boundary issues had been dealt with in 1812 • The Nova Scotia/Maine dispute was not resolved (boundary up St. Jthn Rther) -In 1783, the Lake of Woods Treaty took the boundary south to the 48 , 49 parallel -The United States bought Louisiana (Mississippi to the Rockies) from Napoleon – there was not agreement between Britain and the US on this issue -In 1812, both Britain and America have fleets (the largest British fleet in North America is in Kingston) -Both governments want to reduce expenditure aka stop building ships, etc. -Rush Bahgot Treaty 1817: a minister (diplomat of Britain): 1. No more naval construction (no more building) • A disarmament agreement – no more navy on the Great Lakes (functions for 200 years) -Some claim that this leads to the undefended border – NOT TRUE – the border continues to be defended (military construction continues) – an army is maintained in Canada until 1871 -The United States keeps army garrisons on the border as well, and there is a relatively friendly relationship between Canadian and American officers -Surveyors of the border were not very precise – The US accidentally built a fort on British territory and it had to be abandoned -On the other side of the Rockies (Cascadia): Washington, Oregon and British Colombia. Both the British and Americans have claims to this territory but neither wanted to fight – Oregon becomes a condominium, a shared sovereign (both countries administer it) -Phenomenon: a huge movement of the American populati
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