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Jennifer Mori

• Classic Elizabethan ballad – greensleeves- 60 versions of the lyrics in circulation around 1580 • Ballads, poems, songs – transmit information b/c illiterate – memory device • Ballad singers – in any major town • Ballads on single sheet of paper, for a penny; wall decorations (taverns, ale houses – art work) • Welsh bards – multiple roles of as judges; went through land singing Henry Tudor was like jesus Christ – coming of tudors was fulfilment of ancient prophesy of Merlin – tales of king Arthur’s courts – some point, saviour king going to deliver welsh from tyranny • Welsh nobles saw advantages for themselves (jobs, money, promotion) • Anne Boleyn – 1536 executed for incest and adultery; trumped up charges • This illustrates how vicious king gets • Local community helps with destruction of monasteries – get resources • Anne of Cleves – 4 wife; he disliked her – looked like a horse; marriage was annulled shortly • Jane Seymour – died in child birth; only one to produce live male child, Edward th • Katherine Howard – 5 wife; flighty; unfaithful; half his age – didn’t relate • Henry learned lessons and married older woman of the world – still alive when he died in 1547 • Portraits of royal children b/c expensive – Henry painted of Edward’s VI – proud of him • Archbishop Cranbury had a harder job than Cromwell (raise money) – he is a committed protestant and he has to implement theologically a reformation – hard b/c henry is devout catholic • 1539 –articles of act – this is absolute the most henry is going to tolerate and it is more catholic than bishop wanted • Not a protestant church but a catholic – mass, confession is sacrament; as far as henry is concerned, priests/nuns are sacred (no marriage) • Not much has changed in religious terms except church decoration – shrines and images of saints removed; stripped off obvious symbols; new bible (1539) and abolition of monasteries • Church of England would not become genuine protestant church until genuine protestant on throne – Edward • Edward nine years old when he took throne; he was educated by protestant tutors • Henry’s long term vision of church – if Edward is entirely brought up in protestant faith, there is no endangering • Edward had to share power with uncle Seymour, duke of Somerset – title of lord protector • With his guidance, Edward encourages Cromwell to move more decisively in direction of Protestantism • Explains why in 1549 an act of uniformity is passed – gives England the book of common prayer – rule book, ceremonial book for church and religious practices • Act also makes use of prayer book compulsory in English churches; penalties for non-compliance – disciplinary action against clergy; ordinary parishioners fined for not going to church • This is important b/c only with enforced attendance are ppl’s mental views or principles going to change • Not whole sale replacement of clerical staff – 9000 parishes • Act of uniformity introduces it really • Book of common prayer = artful compromise; • Church of England = half way house b/w Catholicism and Protestantism • All the prayers had to be in English – satisfy need to get closer to god (accessible) but similar to catholic predecessor (phrasing, wording; appeals; rituals - on knees, hands) – not inventing new stuff • Theology is ambig
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