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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Dr.Carla Hustak

October 18 2011A Serious Proposal to the Ladies The Case for Womens Minds 1694 Mary Astell advocates a female monastery or religious retirementfirst English feministbinds education to the question of Christian virtuefocused on the subject of womens minds learning a Seminary to stock the Kingdom with pious and prudent Ladies whose good Example it is to be hopd will so influence the rest of their Sex that Women may no longer pass for those littler useless and impertinent Animals education will contribute to women who are religious suggests that the education that women are given at this time do not give them the ability to provide useful function to their society education is really being given to women to basically prepare them for marriage compares them to animals by depriving women to education failure in society to develop their reasonessentially being reduced to animalsMary Astell on Courtship the deceitful Flatteries of those who under Pretence of loving and admiring you really served their own base endssuggests that men in society have primarily exulted women as beautiful objects and createdthis ideal for them to emulatedeveloping themselves solely in preparation for marriage Even the Men as exact as they wod seem and as much as they divert themselves with our Miscarriages are very often guilty of greater fault and suchas considering the advantages they enjoy primarily talking about elite menhow men has contributed to the faults of women denying them of education preventing themfrom getting into the professionspoints out an irony that while tend to criticize women they are actually the ones whocontributed to producing these faultsAstells Promise of What Education will Offer or Change directs some of her comments to an intended female audienceLet use learn to pride ourselves in something more excellent than the invention of Fashionand not entertain such a degrading thought of our own worth as to imagine that our Souls weregiven us only for the service of our Bodies and that the best improvement we can make ofthese is to attract the eyes of Men suggests that what is essentially being valued for women is their bodies question of attraction question of performing domestic labour mentions important of fashion to women fashion and materialism start to shape the way women define themselves the accomplishments include things like dancing music things that would make you a good social partnerEarly Modern Consumption Education and Women Astell when a poor Young Lady is taught to value herself on nothing but her Cloaths and to think shes very fine when well accoutered When she hears say that tis Wisdom enough for her to know how to
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