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Lecture 3

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Dr.Carla Hustak

Lecture 3September 27 2011very different meanings for men and women for the word honour a subjective element of what goes into performance of masculinity and femininityFemale Honour stained honour marriage economics lawhonour was a really big deal in the early periods word used quite frequently 1 To defend honour gendersexual statusas ideaswhat honour meant when thinking about gender as a category 2 everyday life real effects of loss of honourin peoples livespractical effects that these ideas hadthink about what happened with the loss of honourhonour could involve strict congenial policing for me 3 honour as relational categoryhow they are intertwined in the performance of honourboth men and womens behavior reciprocally affected each otherie if daughter did something dishonourable it would reflect on the father historian Elizabeth Foysters discussion on honour cuckholdtalks about it in terms of masculinitymen too could also affirm a kind of sexual honour in terms of being able to maintain masculineprivelagedifference in honour in men and women honour in men could involve many other activitieshonest business dealings pride in craftsmanship etc Gendered honour sexual business craftWiesnerHanks Along with concepts of feudal obligation wifely obedience and Roman law one additional idea that was essential in shaping womens legal rights in early modern Europethe notion of honour 1 Social Networks family and community 2 Law Codes 3 Economic Relations managing propertyIIntimate Negotiations of Honour Family Marriage Communal Netorks Male versus Female lifecyclefemale marriage was the most critical eventtransfer of her familys household to another householdmale ideas about experiences at work and property ownership seen at maybe seven stagesmarks of age Marriage Feme Covertelegal status that means a woman covered represented or covered by her husbandno longer seen as an independent actor implications on what she can do cannot make anyfinancial transactions on her own no business deals cannot act on a witness to a will cannot bein officesexuality bound to either father or husband of the householdher value was seen as property
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