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Meiji Japan & Imperialism in Korea

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Carry Takagaki

Meiji JapanImperialism in Korea Feb 15 2011 o oyatoi gaijin means hired foreigners foreigners hired to teach the Japanese Western techniques Economic DevelopmentIndustrialization o transportation o industrializationcement worksglasstile manufacturingshipyardsminestextile millsmunitions factories o 1872 Japans first modern silk factory o zaibatsu financial cliques o abortion and infanticide made illegal in the Meiji period 186819111873 infanticide made punishable on the same terms as the law against homicide Articles 114164 The Meiji Constitution February 1889 o Prussian model o Constitutional Monarchy o role of the Emperorsymboliclegal supreme authorityexclusive right to amend constitutionsole authority to open close and dissolve the Housecould veto decisions of the Houseright to issue own ordinances o limits to authority of the emperorarticle 4 part 2 of the Constitution the emperors rights of sovereignty are to be exercised according to the provisions of the present Constitution All laws Imperial ordinances and Imperial Rescriptsrequire the countersignature of a Minister of StateDiet House of Peers o appointed by the Emperor House of Representatives
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