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The Second World War in Asia

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University of Toronto St. George
Carry Takagaki

The Second World War in Asia Mar 8 2011 February 26 Incident 1936 o February 26 1936young officers and 1400 soldiers seize control of central Tokyo occupying the Diet building parliament building police headquarters and the War DepartmentFinance Minister General of Military Education Lord Privy Seal assassinatedother public figures wounded o February 27 1936 martial law is declared in Tokyo o February 28 1936 lack of support from navy financial circles and general public leads to military referring to uprising as rebelsEmperor condemns the uprisingrebel soldiers return to barracks 2 commit suicide 124 prosecuted 13 officers4 civilians sentenced to death tho outcome of February 26 Incidentmilitary increases its powerobtains larger budgets The Marco Polo Bridge Incident July 7 1937 o July 17 1937 the United Front the GuomindangKMT Chinese nationalistsChinese Communist Party pledge support against Japaneseo late July 1937 Japanese move troops to Beijing o July 30 1937 Tianjin falls o August 14 1937 Chinese aircraft bomb Japanese naval in Shanghaicalled the China Incident Japan expects an easy victoryexpect a 3 month campaign using 3 divisions at a cost of 100 million yen which will have the Chinese asking for peacewithin 6 months they had sent 20 divisions at a cost of 25 billion yen19371945 also known as the Second SinoJapanese War aka War of Resistance Against Japan o Japanese slogan Kill all burn all loot all Nanjing Massacre Rape of Nanjing o 7 weeks of killing and rape o estimates of casualties range from 20000 to 300000 450000 o foreign response to Japanese aggressionAugust 21 1937 Soviet Union and China sign a nonaggression pact19381940 Soviet Union extends credit for military aid of 250 millionSoviet Union sends volunteer pilots to Chinaby the end of 1939 it gave 1000 plans and some 2000 pilots and 500 military advisors aid ends in June 1941 when Germany attacks the Soviet UnionUSA provides 170 million for civilian aid and currency stabilization
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