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Melanie Newton

HIS359February 1Kristen Young HaitiThere are people who make the argument that Haiti has brought it down on themselves because they had a revolution so early The fact that Haiti was the second state in the Atlantic to declare its freedom Haiti was basically Cuba in the 20th century but it was the 19th century and they didnt have any allies They were freeing their nation in a world where all the other ruling powers were imperialistic and slaveholdingThe revolution is therefore seen as the ultimate solution for all the problems in Haiti The revolution along with the hostile international response are to some degree part of it but they dont fully explain the social conditions and the relation to the state that the people in Haiti had The US occupation is part of the roots as well It created new realities and laid the foundations for relations between the state and the people that would set the tone for life in 20th century HaitiLegacy of the RevolutionHaiti emerged as a deeply divided nation due to colour class and language separation There was a tiny French speaking elite composed of 2 factions Free landholding elite who had fought for civil rights for themselves but they didnt want to end slavery They only agreed to that when they had no choice but to make an alliance with people who didnt want slavery The did not want to share power with the other elites who were former slaves who had gained power and wealth as military generals They were created by the revolution The majority of the population didnt fit into theses two groups they were the African slaves who were fighting for freedom The generals that they fought under were willing for to have limited abolition as long as their groups were freed Washroom BreakPeasantization is the process through which the majority of Haitians didnt have a say in what went on in their government Basically the elite had all the power and they ran the government They peasants were an exploitable base for them In 1820 Haiti was reunified after an uprising in the north But the tensions that had been created by the governments want to exploit the population For the most part despite the want of
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