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HIS359 - February 29 - French and British Non-Independent Territories.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Melanie Newton

HIS359February 29Kristen YoungThere are similar questions about decolonisation and history that were raised last week with Puerto Rico as with MartiniqueThe intellectual discussion with the people involved is often translated to meannegritudeo Raises a story about translation because the conversation takes place in French but is circulated in other languages and some of the original references get lost and key partsaspects of the original conversation arent translated into the conversationThe concept of what it means to be colonised for us set the basis for what we think is boundaries so when we see things that happen in other parts of the world we dont necessarily understand o For them its the presence of someone to watch over them for us we see the absence of sovereigntyFrench AssimilationEmpire o Early phaseold colonies anciens colonies 17th and 18th centuryMartinique Guadeloupe French Guiana SenegalConnected to each other by the slave trade o 1830France took control of AlgeriaFirst colony on the African continent in over a centuryMarks a new phase in the French Empire o Scramble for Africa began o Made a distinguish between the old colonies and the newer ones that they were making in West and WestCentral AfricaThese new colonies were treated very differently than the old ones o 1848French RevolutionAbolished slaveryEvery freed slave became a citizen of France o 1851French did something that the Br
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