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Melanie Newton

HIS359January 18Kristen Young The Geography of the Caribbean and the Caribbean in the 19th CenturyThe concept of the circusCaribbean acknowledges that the Caribbean is not just island territories but includes the countries around it as well o The northern parts of south america and the western portion of MexicoThe guianasGuyana was British Guiana in colonial times Suriname was Dutch and French Guiana remains part of France therefore not an independent state o Only countries in the south American mainland that wasnt Spanish or Portuguese in the nineteenth centuryPolitical realities shape how people in certain countries understand and acknowledge themselves as part of the CaribbeanVenezuelas government has recently sought more relations with the CaribbeanChanging political realities shape the relations within the CircumCaribbean and the Archipelago To the south of the Guianas is Brazil o Not strictly speaking a Caribbean nation but the past economic connections between the two regions is importanto The basis for sugar production and the expansion of the slave trade came from BrazilIn the 20th and 21st centuries for the people of the Guianas especially in the interior where it is predominantly indigeneous where their living in the tropical forest is something that also defines the Caribbean region o The Amazon is part of the Caribbean experience and the political borders arent important for them they cross them all the time but for the governments the borders are a large political disputeFurther north are the Burmudas not on the given map o Historically they are part of the wave of colonisation and share some of the economy o The elite Burmudans dont necessarily think of themselves as part of the Caribbean but the majority of the island does o The issue of whether you are part of the Caribbean or not is really a personal thing o Burmuda is a British dependancy but they arent actually British citizensThere are also parts of the US that can be considered part of the Caribbean o The Florida Keys and Coastal Areas of the Southern states o In the 20th century there have been mass migration to the southern states and therefore a spreading of the diaspora o In terms of historical development as well they have been part of the political reality of the CaribbeanThe largest parts of the Caribbean are all in the north The Greater Antilleso Cuba o Jamaica o Hispaniola Haiti and the Dominican RepublicWas the first point of European colonial settlement in the Americas during the 15th century o Puerto RicoThe rest are called the Lesser Antilles What Makes a Place CaribbeanScholars and people in the Caribbean have been debating that for a long timeThere isnt really a definite definitionIn the past the places that werent associated with the sugar industry traditionally were not considered part of the CaribbeanMany parts of the Caribbean are also parts of somewhere else and there are parts that you would never see on the map of the Caribbean Diasporas in America and Asia as well as the mainland of the AmericasAll of the Caribbean is part of the African Diaspora
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