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Melanie Newton

HIS359January 25Kristen Young Role of the United States in Latin America and the CaribbeanIntervention could mean a lot of things o Ranges ona spectrum from actual invasions to intimidation18991934 is a period of significant US military presence in Latin America and US expansion anywhere in the world o Its a precursor for what would happen later in the Latin America o Its a significant feature of the politics of the regionThere are phases of US policy in Latin America and the CaribbeanThe Monroe Doctrine of 1823 shaped US policy and relations with the Caribbean possibly right up until the 20th century o At least in spirit if not in fact o Context for the document independence movements in Latin America and the Caribbean o Theoretically it was a defense of the newly created territories in the Americas but it was clear that it wasnt about overturning European control but about maintaining independent control o There was the implication that both the US would be the paternalistic figure for the Americas and that Latin America and the Caribbean would have to align itself with the American policies because they were the ones who would control the foreign relations of the region o It wasnt until the beginning of the 20th century that the implications of this document became clear o The Spanish are the major European power that the Doctrine was aimed atThe immediate focus was territorial battles between Spain and the US for what is now part of the United StatesThe USs role as a political and economic power would increase during the centuryGunBoat Diplomacyreally pushed by Teddy Roosevelt Which was that any sort of problems that the US felt were going on in the Atlantic world could be solved by them and their military and their boatsThe United Fruit Company is a key example of the gunboat diplomacy o One of the biggest corporations in history o In the late 19th and early 20th century was the biggest agricultural company in the world that sold fruits that were grown and farmed in Latin America and the Caribbean o Jamaica was the sort of startpowerbase because they had their own power base that was taken over through export by the company o The company began its life by taking over the peasant agricultureAnother area of interest for the US in the Caribbean was militaryIn the runup to the first world war there was a military buildup because they knew that the war was coming and therefore there was an arms race and a preparation for war that builtup the economic power of the US The panama canal was a major part of the growth in economy o Was a way to connect the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans so that they didnt have to go all the way around the tip of South America and back up to the Pacific or vice versa to the Atlantic o The scheme to cut Panama apart became realistic in the 19th century o Construction began in 1880 o Most of the labour for the project was done by black Caribbean people mostly from the British Caribbean and they originally worked for the French but it was taken over by the Americans o Created one of the first real American colony in the circumCaribbean because the canal zone was taken over by the American company o Was both about shipping goods capital and military defense defending the continent from foreign aggression
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