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North Korea & Modern Japan

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Carry Takagaki

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North KoreaModern Japan Mar 29 2011 North Korea o after Korean War June 25 1950July 27 1953 Kim Ilsung purges his rivals and succeeds in identifying Korean communism with himselfo Kim shifts his positions visvis Moscow and PekingThe SinoSoviet Dispute 1960s o Nikita Khrushchev denounces Stalin in February 1956 but the CCP was not prepared to accept an attack on the leader on whom Mao had modeled himselfo Khrushchev did not supportcriticized Maos Great Leap Forward o Mao resents what he perceived as the USSRs attempt to control China o the USSR was moving toward peaceful coexistence with the West and deStalinzation just when China was demanding a great effort from its people o June 1960 the USSR stops all aid to the PRC and calls home thousands of Soviet experts working in China o 1962 Mao denounces the government of the USSR as a rightwing dictatorship Four SelfReliance Principles mid 1950s 1 autonomy in ideology 2 independence in politics 3 selfsufficiency in economy 4 self reliance in defence o North Korea emphasizes strengthening its military forces o stresses the development of a selfreliant economy o postwar economy of North Korea enjoyed a head start because most Japanesedeveloped industries and hydroelectric plant were located there o in the 1950s it was ahead of the south in industrial development and even as late as the mid1970s its per capita GNP may have been equal to that of the south o after the 1960s economy does poorly because of excessive investment in weapons and decline of aid from China and the Soviet Union o North Korean economic growth also handicapped by a rigid Communist ideology o North Koreas economic growth hampered bydecline in foreign aidheavy expenditures on defencecontinued priority assigned to heavy industry creating a severe shortage of daily commodities and lowered living standards Food Shortages o only 18 of North Koreas land is arable
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