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Carol Chin

Medieval Europe in the World21042012 220500 Nov17200011I Introduction Cultures in Contact and ConflictHow they interact Who gave what were they cordialHow the East affected and was affected by Europe and vice versaENCOUNTERSII Empire and its Alternative 1 Holy Roman EmpireNot really Roman Holy or an EmpireWanted to succeed the empire succeed in terms of prosperity wealth glamour glory 2 Regional Kingdomsability to collect taxescontrol over population strong military 3 CityStatesFounded on and dedicated to commerce Venice GenoaFlanders Bruges GhentDominated by merchantsMerchants demanded a stronger government that would improve commerce ex Standardizing weights and measuresafety taxationDominated agricultural areas note these towns were not overpopulated the largest being about 400000 Not like Changan or Baghdadindependent powersnot under the church or private landowners Civilian operated forms of government Rise of urban middle class bourgeoisie Also included women usually widows of merchants were accepted by other merchants Not unusualArtisans and merchants formed guilds to be explained laterIII Commercial ExchangesChampaign fairs DID NOT TRADE ALCOHOLwhere trade took place in Champaign FranceGateway to interior of Europe
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