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Chapter 19The Road to War The New Culture Movementa movement among Chinese scholars in the early th20 century to reevaluate traditional Confucian values and ultimately reject them since they see these Confucian values were what held China back o Conservatism and traditionalism seen as roots of Chinas problemsChen Duxiu believed in individualism and westernstyle democracyo Said they cant have modern democracy if women have to obey husbandssons and cant think for themselves o Did not want to use ancientclassical Chinese Hu Shi promotes use of vernacular Chinese which he called baihua supposedly the everyday speech of the common people o Said this would allow more people to be able to understand the language and think in a more progressive wayLu Xun wrote stories in New Culture Movement journals o Did not blame foreigners but China itselfcorrupt officials illiterate masses The First United Front 19221927Sun Yatsenlack of unity within his party KMT o Wants to put down the warlords realizes he cant do this himself o Lack of Western countries support for Chinao Saw that Russia after revolution had been able to get rid of monarchyYuan Shikai gets loans from European banks for his Second Revolutiono Supported by Britain as he continued to exploit China Seeing this Sun Yatsen turned to Russians to help China with political organization after his attempt at making alliances with warlords failedA Soviet diplomat meets with Sun in 1923 o The two men release a joint statement said Communism cant work in China because the country doesnt have the right conditions China has to go through capitalism stage before reaching communism stage currently in its feudal stage Thus this is the First United Front period of cooperation between Nationalist Party KMT and the Chinese Communist Partyo Soviet Union urges CCP to join the Nationalists in a national revolution even though KMT are anticommunist o Communist Party joins them and agrees that they will not push communismsecretly Soviet Union says to CCP that they join overthrow warlords and then promote communism 1925 Sun Yatsen dies Chiang Kaishek assumes leadership of the Nationalist Party The Northern Expedition July 1926June 1928Started by Chiang Kaishek to get rid of the warlords who were exploiting the
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