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HIS363Dynamics of Gender in Canadian History Lectures Bruce Retallackemergencies 978 2407, [email protected] January 12 Lecture -connection between gender and language; eg. French la le. -gender = categorization Gender: Assumptions -culture, societal Prescriptions -social, if the culture says your primary duty as a woman is child bearing, the social prescription is for males to take care of them, work and bring home the chedda Performances -social, men and women have different morning routines, preparing to perform as we dress choose things, do or do not put on nail polish, change. Then we go out and perform our gender. Negotiations institution Regulations institution Representations Identity -between our upbringing and our own choices and what we want to create for ourselves that we forge our sense of self as a gender identity Cartoon at front of Syllabus Gender differences: Female Male -clothes elaborate functional -hair -beasts has doesnt have -height tall short -bulk voluptuousbulky scrawny -posture expansive constrained -cartoon is a gender transgression of the norm -the woman has been masculinated, man feminized -no word that doesnt genderize. If you are not female, you are male -so then whats the regulation model? -LIST OF BINARYS on portaltraditional masculine and feminine characteristics www.notesolution.comSELECTED GENDER CONTRASTS: Visual clues: followed by Attributes: Large Small Erect Undulating Pants Skirts Public Domestic Hairy Smooth MASCULINE FEMININE Rational Emotional Culture Nature Active Passive Strong Weak Controlled Flighty
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