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International Relations and Origins

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Lecture # 2- International Relations and its Origins - Oct 24 1648 the peace of Westphalia (Austrian, Spanish, Prussian, German, Swedish) modern international relations started on this day not only because it indicated the beginning of a new era but also the rules and principles and laws that were laid down back then were still very much the same principles we follow today, exactly the same rules and patterns moreover, there is no change on how to ensure the survival of the world and humanity - Goals after 19481. Westphalia said that every single major war should be concluded by a peace treaty we still follow this same example after 300 years later 2. Try to eliminate all outstanding territorial issues 3. Negotiations are used not to resort to war - Peace of Westphalia was the foundation of central European stability The Peace Treaty - Its Origins = The 30 years war in Europe initiated the peace treaty of Westphalia the 30 years war itself is much more disruptive than the second world war it wiped out more than 30% of the German lands > of those a 5 million perished in the conflict what made it so bloody and brutal? = 2 factors = 1. The structure and breakup of the church 2. The introduction and the breakthrough of military technology, emergence of professional soldiers > these 2 factors made the war so brutal that a peace treaty had to be formulated so it wouldnt happen ag
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