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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 45 March 28th. The Resurgence of the Allies, 1942-43 - Hitler was arbiter of Europe by 1940. - Churchill replaced Chamberlain o Saw U.S. would help Britain.  Brit can resist. - Americans were pursuing the policy of isolationism o Roosevelt sold war material to Brit by signing pact on 1937  One condition: the Brit had to pay in cash, to carry by own  ‘Cash and carry policy’ - Brit was in financial bankruptcy o Limited spending on US - Roosevelt decided to offer Britain to purchase war material by land lease o Outside Land lease for 99 yrs. Land – arsenal barter. o U.S. was arsenal for democracy - 1941 Roosevelt and Churchill met. o Important agreement in WWII  They would promote freedom, democracy and resist Nazis  Guarantee every states sovereignty  Collective security  Freedom of speech, religion, want (ensured world market), fear  United Nation would pick up all of these issues  Offered Stalin alliance.  Even though Stalin saw them enemies, they needed him to defeat Nazis  It was like Richelieu offered protestant states an alliance. - 1942 U.S and U.K. met in Washington o saw Nazi should be the primary opponent  Even though Japan was threat o Grand Alliance is in the forming - Hitler still wanted to defeat Soviet Union o Operation Barbarossa failed - Operation Blue commenced in 1942 o Relying on Blitzberg o September 1942 2 months after reached oil fields  Romanian oil fields were not
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