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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 38 March 5th. The Search for Security and Stability, 1920-30 & The Foreign Policy of Nazi Germany - Most criticized the Paris Peace Treaty o It wasn’t easy to give all states the right to self-determination o It wans’t easy to settle the territorial issue - All in all, treaty wasn’t that bad - Nevertheless, French wanted to beat Germany as much as possible - France vs. Germany to come - The German new minister, Stresemann, ordered Germans to work in factory - > delivering the reparation money on time o Slowly Turned the int’l to German side, isolated France o Step by step to break the treaty - Eventually rewrote the reparation early 1924. - 1925 control commission to supervise German disarmament o Report published 1925, accused Germany of violating every single article of the treaty  Exceeded 100,000 troops by –disguising the troops as police and paramilitary forces. = Threatened French security  General stat supposed to be disbanded – renamed the stat.  Kept designing armors, tanks, weapons, etc.  Tried out the new designs at soviet territory during Bolshevik revolution.  Shocked Europe - London compelled to accept German’s offer to change the treaty o Needed Germany for trading and preventing the war btw France and Germany - Paris too. o Worried of getting isolated from US and UK o Better to go with British. - The New Treaty – Treaty of Locarno negotiation started 1925 o Settle the issue of borderland.  The Rhine DMZ zone  German (Stresemann) gave it up voluntarily  In return, German raised colonial issues.  League of Nations  Germany accepted as member of leading council of League of Nations permanently  Small violations of territorial issue should be blind eye.  Only big violations should be penalized by LoN o Reduced German French tensions  It guaranteed safety in German western border  But by so doing, left eastern border unattended. (Poland and Czechoslovakia)  A Green light for aggress
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