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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 39 March 7th. The Foreign Policy of Nazi Germany - 1929, Hague, reparation decreased and deadline extended. o Stresemann, the German Prime Minister, died 1929. o Succeeded by Adolf Hitler –completely different political spectrum - Hitler hated Russia – where Jews and communism dominated o Advocated military overthrow, violence “Meinkampt” - Two front war would never threaten Germany since Russia is not a greatest power anymore due to Bolshevik Revolution o East European countries were dependent on German aid.  Sandwiched btw Germany and Russia - Disagreement btw France and Britain gave upper hand to Germany o Also United States was indebted. o Brit was pretty much on German side. - Hitler’s foreign policy o Germany has to break through the Treaty of Versailles o War over diplomacy o Identified Brit as potential opponent - Hitler’s Dilemma: statecraft or force? o Broke down statecraft in 4 steps (quite clever)  Stage of concealment  Tried to convince the World that the German is still willing to continue with Stresemann’s cooperation  LoN in Geneva discussed worldwide disarmament o Brit felt bad about treaty, proposed disarmament for both French and Germany. 200,000  Germany already had that amount of force unofficially, so agreed.  France refused 1933 the proposal of parity.  German soon pulled out from LoN  Stage of limited engagement  Jan 1934 signed peace agreement with Poland (communist). “Very Surprising”  Showed Hitler is a reasonable individual.  Wanted Nazi Austrian cooperation, but LoN prohibited German-Austrian cooperation. o Nazi Austrian stormed into Vienna; But, Coup d’état was defeated. o Backfire for Hitler o Fascist Italy (Mussolini) alarmed at Austrian incident. o If Austria were to disappear, then it would be only a matter of time that the Germans would demand “Terol (?)” from Italy in Northern Italy. o France too, worried at German interference in Austrian affairs, cooperated with Italy.  Knowing he can’t unify Germany and Austria, decided to develop its army for more power.  1935 stage of limited testing  To see how far h
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