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HIS103Y Lecture 40 March 12th.

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 40 March 12th. The Foreign Policy of Nazi Germany & Anglo-German Appeasement - 5 stage of Hitler’s foreign policy: open aggression o achieving lebensraum since 1938 - Mussolini agreed to cooperate with Brit and France o He was scared of German attack during 1938 - Hitler’s primary objective in 1938: Austria o Called in the new Austrian Chancellor, curt ????, and threatened immediate take over if Austria doesn’t comply with German demands  Free German prisoners  To make Austria Nazi member  Cooperate with Germany  Turning Austria into German satellite  Undermining Austrian sovereignty though he did recognize Austrian independence - In Nov 1937 lord Halifax, Brit prime minister, met Hitler o Said, Britain would not oppose territorial change and the mistake of Versailles. - Austria could do nothing but follow Germany o But made one change: …? - March 12 1938, German invaded Austria, took Vienna o Hundreds of Austrians went to street to greet them as liberators o Hitler made Austria part of Germany. Made Aus army Germans o Incredible diplomatic success - Everyone eventually fell in line with Hitler - The links btw Western democracy and the East were blocked now. (German, Austria, Italy barrier) o Czechoslovakia is now surrounded by Germany - End of march 1938, Hitler called in German high command, ordered the preparation of invading Czechoslovakia o Czechoslovakia was sole democratic state like Brit and France o Hitler needed Czechoslovakia to move further into the East  Called Nazi party leader in Austria and
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