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HIS103Y Lecture 41 March 14th. Anglo-German Appeasement - Chamberlain was responsible for the war. o Though he thought he achieved peace by visiting Hitler 3 times and accepting all of Hitler’s demands. o But he never used the word, “appeasement”. Instead, he used the word, “Concession” - France o From the Versailles Treaty, in strategic terms, they knew they were in weaker position. o Couldn’t make a deal with commie Russia (like in the past) since everyone condemned them. o Had to seek new allies.  Yugoslavia, Czech, Poland = successor’s states. + Romania  Named Little Entente.  Purpose: one, clearly to stop the influence of communist Russia. Two, to put pressure on Germany. To make Germany to wage a two front war.  Hwv, Yugo, Poland, and Romania had no industry to stand up. Hence, could not threat Germany that much as Russia did.  Poland-the linchpin- signed a separate non-aggression pact for 10 years with Germany.  Yugoslavia and Romania relied more on Germany and Russia economically than France. o Decided to rely on Britain.  The British kept telling the French: we are not going to sign the binding treaties over the Eastern Europe.  Brit thought French threatened more on balance of power than the Germans did.  Brit only focused on the balance of power in Europe o Domestic polarization.  Regarding Soviet Union.  High-Commanders Repeatedly overestimated German preparedness for the war.  Completely lost willingness to fight.  Only to defense. Constructed line of fortification: Marginal Line. 700km long. Huge scale and Costly construction. Had the same war in mind like WWI. o But did not cover Belgium-French border.  Cuz they were allies.  Covering the border would mean French would abandon Belgium.
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