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HIS103Y Lecture 36 February 27th. The Paris Peace Conference 1919

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 36 February 27th. The Paris Peace Conference 1919 How did the peace treaty become so controversial? 1918- Wilson proposed peace treaty, Germany accepted. Germany would treat equal like great powers. 1919 – diplomats from 27 independent states gathered in Paris high casualties –whether direct or indirect => Spanish flu so, people welcomed the treaty and saw Wilson as a savior of Europe. Hwv, Wilson’s diplomacy was somewhat Utopian approach. French wanted to have an assurance by his allies that they will stand by France no matter what. - French constituted only 16%, end of first world war 10% of Europe population. - Also France declined in power and diplomatic prestige. - Germany outnumbered France in military production - France advocated their national interest. – realistic diplomacy - US hwv refused French’s demand for a tangible alliance. o Because Wilson’s primary goal is to let no military alliances to form. o French (Clemenceau, the Tiger) argued, if no alliance, lets make Germany weaker instead.  By Economically  And… by breaking them apart again.  French kind of wanted Rhine territories with coal and steel. o Hwv, breaking up would violate the National self determination  Every nation has its own right to set its country. - The idea of The League of Nations was proposed by Wilson and accepted by European countries. o Hwv, it was rejected by the Americans.  We cannot properly involve European affair without American input. - The United States, Italians, French, British, allies of Britain and Japan, and entente gathered early spring of 1919. o 14 points were implemented. By Wilson.  Shutting down Germany basically. o Germany stormed out. o Italian interest was solely on territorial compensation.  Received territories almost every where Italians lived.  But Italian Orlando wanted more
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