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HIS103Y Lecture 35 February 15th. The Great War 1914-18, Part III

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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HIS103Y Lecture 35 February 15th. The Great War 1914-18, Part III  Because of size of armies. WW1 had a profound impact on the involved states  This scale of human loss and suffering change the terms of political debate. Challenged balance of power and old diplomacy  Dec 1914 Allies announced their war aims: joint effort to the end of the war Russians break this, but that was a different regime  March 1915 – Great Britain promised support for Russians control of Straits  Supreme example of secret diplomacy. May 1916 – Sykes-Picot agreement Anglo-French understanding to carve up Turkish territory  France inherit Syria, Great Britain – Transjordania, Palestine and Arabian Peninsula  Russia would gain Armenia and Kurdistan  Soldiers demanded a change of national and international policy in International relations in return for their sacrifice ‘Million bayonets in search of an idea.’  This new diplomatic agenda pushed to the forefront after one event – Russian sthte fails, communist regime emerges – tries to get out of war asap  8 Nov 1917 Lenin and Trotsky propose peace to all belligerents states based on the right to self-determination  23 Nov 1917 Bolsheviks in requesting an armistice with Germany the Bolshevik publish sec
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