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HIS103Y Lecture 32 February 6th. The Origin of First World War, Part 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 32 February 6th. The Origin of First World War, Part 2 Entente Cordial 1904 – France <3 Britain German insistence pushed British to sign alliance with Russia 1907 Lord Gray – British Diplomat Russia and Austria agreed to leave Balkans freeze. (talked about administration over Bosnia 1908) - Russia agreed to Austria to control Bosnia - Austria agreed to Russia to have the straits o Hwv, both had misunderstanding over the agreement.  Russia thought they should bring it to international agreement, but Austria didn’t want to. - France and Britain supported Russia. o Why not have international conferences? - Germany, having seen that Austria only can support them after Moroccan Crisis, supported Austria. o Germany would aid in Austrian mobilization. - => no international conference ensued, Victory for German IR. o Russia humiliated. The fact that Austria had Bosnia meant Serbia’s route to the sea had been blocked. France would administer Morocco. Made Morroco part of French empire. - Germany decided to challenge France 1911. 1911 was different from 1906. - Brit never agreed entente cordial to be challenged. - It seemed France was backed up by the E.C. So, German backed down. Serbian nationalists also pledged to never get humiliated again and retrieve their territory. - Decided to insist against Austria - To free and unify Slavik territory. - Slavik terrorists = Black Hand - Austrians were also aware of this development. o Archduke Franz Ferdinand (disliked by Austrians)  Married German low status person  Recognized Slavik Nationalism o Ferdinand visited Bosnia Herz, Sarajevo, to see how new territories are like.  Got assassinated by the Black Hand. 1914.  5 people were prepared to kill him • created incredible crisis Everyone felt sympathetic to the Austrians. Even Russia felt sympathetic to the Austrians. - Austrians outraged, but Ferdinand was unpopular in Austria o Decided to use his death as means of killing Serbian Nationalism o Issued the
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