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Lecture 15

HIS103Y Lecture 15 November 9th The Seven Years War: Part II

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 15 November 9 th The Seven Years War: Part II • The victories at Leuthen and Rossbach gave Prussia a new lease on life • The Prussian fight for survival was assisted by the subsidies and the Army of Observation, which protected the Western flank of Prussia against France • In spring 1759 the strain was beginning to tell despite British support, the Prussian army had shrunk to 100,000 • The Russians gained a new field commander named Saltykov who was beloved by his troops and were willing to fight for the death for him o Saltykov was also a master of defence o Saltykov invaded Eastern Prussia winning a victory at Zullichau in 1759 • Frederick with his main force clashed with the Russians at Kunersdorf in August th 12 1759. o Saltykov realized that the Prussians would try to attack their left flank so Saltykov reinforced his left flank with elite troops and cannons • The Prussians attacked and the Russian force managed to hold the Prussian attack and managed to route Frederick’s army, Frederick himself almost lost his lives in the battle as well. • This defeat broke the Prussians back and left Prussia open to invasion if Russia and Austria could combine their forces to take Berlin • The Austrians didn’t want the Russians to gain too much power, so they refused to lead their support to the invasion of Prussia, thus Prussia was saved from invasion • Frederick was able to rebuild his forces and defeated Austrian forces at Liegnitz- Daun • However Prussia was once again defeated again at Torgau – Prussia was at risk of falling out as a great power and Frederick believed only lady luck could save him • January 2 1762 Tsaritsa Elizabeth died; she was the real driving force behind anti- Prussian sediment. Peter III wasn’t capable of leading a nation and admired Frederick the Great. • May 1762 Pe
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