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Lecture 5

HIS103Y Lecture 5 September 28th From the Dutch War to the Nine Years War, 1680-88

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 5 September 28 th From the Dutch War to the Nine Years War, 1680-88 • Spain and the Dutch are no more threat to Louis XIV, the arbiter of Europe. o It is now German states and the Holy Roman Empire. • Vauban – to secure France against attack, build a set of fortresses to make France impregnable. o Built the fortress line along the northern border • On the East, however, the situation was less secure • Alsace and Lorraine were two provinces which held the key to France’s Eastern frontier o Lorraine was held by duke, but didn’t accept the terms. o Alsace’s legal rights were also fought over • The border towns and the bridge towns in Alsace held the key to the strategic balance of Europe (i.e. Strasbourg, Philippsburg, Breisach) • France only controlled Breisach. • Even though Louvois advised Louis to use army for national security, Louis used for more territorial gain. • France used, legal trickery, bribing and limited shows of military force to secure the Rhine frontier • Legal courts named Chambres de Renion were supposed to describe the legitimacy of France’s claim to territory. The courts were fixed (e.g. August 1680 Breisach – declared the entire province French sovereignty. It also awarded Montbeliard to France – This allowed Alsace to be joined up with French Comte allowing Vauban to fortify that entire strip of land • The other European powers accepted these Chambres de Renion in a Spanish diplomats words “Spanish reason are never worth anything compared with these of French supported by 100, 000 infantry men and 25, 000 cavalry • France could intimidate other to accept whatever it wanted • Financial means – Louis brought Casale, a Spanish fortified town, in September 1681. This joined up with Pinerolo, already a French territory • This allowed Louis to control Northern Italy as a Satellite • Furthermore Savoy was thus pressured into accepting French rule • On the same day, 30 September 1681, the French took Strasbourg by military force. o Strasbourg became French o All the gains of France were to close or control the gates into France. • Europe, however, could not do anything because Leopold I was under siege by the Ottoman Turks, who were bribed by France o Turks besieged the capit
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