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Lecture 4

HIS103Y Lecture 4 September 26th

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 4 September 26 th The Course and Conclusion of the Dutch War, 1672-1679 • Louis wanted to revenge the Dutch for Triple Alliance o Joshua blocking the Sun – Personal humiliation o Was overshadowed by the Dutch economically  Dutch was economic powerhouse, wall street of Europe  Dutch also had the richest bank o France’s Colbert started the tariff war in 1667 when the Dutch kept lowering the price -> failed  Colbert believed that the only way to make France’s economy superior than that of the Dutch is to make the Dutch the part of France. • Another reason for the French readiness to engage in the Dutch War was to intimidate the other powers into accepting a French legitimacy • The long term motive was to show French Military dominance and subject the rest of Europe • Before invading the Dutch, France had to set the trap. o Louis thus wanted conflict to be an isolated incident between two countries, so he had to isolate the Dutch from its allies - England and Sweden. o Trained French army to have overwhelming force. o Signed Treaty with Sweden and the British (no more Triple Alliance) o Signed treaty with all German states that are bordered with either France or the Dutch.  Guaranteeing that Austria cannot attack France, nor Spain & others to help the Dutch. • England’s monarch was Charles II but power was heavily checked by the House of Commons o This meant he was financially dependent on the House of Commons o So France offered Charles II financial support for England to ally itself with France o This money would allow Charles II to gain more power of himself o This was called the treaty of Dover of 1670 o However due to the expenditures of war the deal didn’t work out eventually for Charles and he became dependent on the House of Commons again • Louis persuaded Cologne and Ministers to join the Anti-Dutch coalition. This allowed Louis to attack the Dutch via a land attack while not violating Spanish Netherlands sovereignty • Sweden at first did not want to get involved in the war on either side • Meanwhile, the Dutch republic was ill-prepared because they were in a state of Denial about the possibility of a French attack o Conscripted 25000, but was too late. • July 1672 Louis XIV displays his power o “I am in a position to install fear in my enemies to cause astonishment to my neighbours and despair to the envious.” • British attacked the Dutch first in 1672. o French attacked from the eastern Dutch (did not want to violate Spanish Netherlands) o The Dutch offered Amsterdam, but France refused because they did not achieve the glory y
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