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Lecture 3

HIS103Y Lecture 3 September 21st

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS103Y Lecture 3 September 21 st The Foreign Policy of Louis XIV and The Origins of the Dutch War • The Peace of Westphalia set a new political rank o France = Biggest Winner o Spain = Biggest Loser • France now became the most dominant power in Europe (replacing Spain) o In past conflicts it was the country that had a greater population that often dominated the battle field since they could bring more men to arms in a given conflict (strength in numbers) o 17 century there was an estimated 19 million people living in France at the time o Could bring more arms 400,000~500,000 o France’s population was three times greater then that of Spain and England o Russia’s population was equal if not greater then that of Frances during he th 17 century, but the reality was that the average French peasant had a better quality of life than the average Russian peasant. France was a much wealthier nation and so they were about to put more money into building and maintaining their military then Russia o France was a very wealthy nation during this time in terms of manpower as well as economic wealth which made it the dominate world power o Centralized democracy – plenty taxation and power on government. • Louis XIV (14) – the apex of French society o Had a great love for achieving glory o 1680 - Ambassador of Vienna said “This prince is eerily working towards universal monarchy and is not far from achieving it” o Louis had an agenda to put France on the map as a global power o Louis wanted to be the Sun King  Built Versailles and focused on his security o August 1661 – Message sent to various French diplomats “The kings ambassadors must make it known that the king is never content with equality but should have precedence over all other kings and is in possession of it” o Domesticated the aristocracy to stop any further civil rebellions • France vs. Spain o Treaty of Pyrenees signed in 1659 o Young bride for Louis – Maria (Spanish infanta)  Inheritance was guaranteed to declare war and claim some territory in the future o Some territorial gains (South West border)  No concern for Louis XIV because they had two great fortresses. o However, Northern border (Spanish Netherlands) was concern due to lowland and floods.  Close to Paris  Easy to get invaded. • French troops moved into Spanish Netherlands in 1665. o Successful – offered Spain a generous deal to show his gratitude and greatness. o But damaged alliance with the Dutch, Swede and Germans due to aggressive development o “France are good
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