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Topic 5 - War of Austrian Succession & Seven Years War & War of American Independence

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic FiveWar of Austrian SuccessionSeven Years WarWar of Ame IndependenceWar of Austrian SuccessionCharles VI died succeeded by Maria Theresa1740 King of Prussia invaded Silesia and began the war of Austrian Succession 174048Great military move but not a great political onePrussia France Bavaria VS England Austria and the Dutch republicEnded with the Peace of AixlaChapelle 1748Post Austrian Succession WarEurope returned to the status quoFrance and Britain Unsatisfied with the results both took note of Frederick IIs unpredictability twice enter the war and his military genius Russia Unfulfilled potential immense man power and resources AustriaUnsatisfied alliance with Britain determined to fight back for Silesia Austrias national interest is not in British favor Britain cares about how Austria can help themcompel France France realized that Prussia instead of Austria became the biggest threatAustria realized that Prussia needs to be isolated Britain is no longer reliable therefore needs to break Prussias only alliance in Europe France The Diplomatic Revolution FrancoAustrian alliance Austria has difficulties holding territories that are detached with Austria unable to capitalize them in exchange of man power capital financeHowever France would very much want the Austrian Netherlands France would do anything to protect the Austria NetherlandsOffer France the lowlands thus break the alliance between France and PrussiaMoreover both France and Austria are Catholics while Prussia and Britain are Protestantsmade perfect sense for France and Austria to sign an alliance The Diplomatic Revolution Frances situationLouis XV knowing that Britain is mobilizing troops in North America war oversea is near 1754 6080000 French settlers in NA with vast territories occupied OntarioMississippi Valleythwhile Britain only has the small 13 colony by the eastern coastBritain has navy upper handFrance needs continental stability to have free hand to fight in NA therefore Austrias offer is not badFrance realized Fredrick IIs personality as wellFredrick IIs bad behavior in previous wars personal insult to Louis XV while Maria shows respect Louis XVs mistressHowever Louis XV is still not convinced French court was deeply antiHabsburg for two centuries hard to changeDeal was finally reached main reasonBritain
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