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Topic 6 - French Revolution & Napoleon I

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic Six French RevolutionNapoleon IFurther Eastern CrisisThe Ottoman Empire was defeated by Russia since France was unable to help the TurksHuge and crucial gain for Russia 1774 Treaty of Kutchukkainardji the Ottoman Empire recognized the loss the rights of Russia to navigate the Black Sea to trade with the Empire to trade with the Balkans and to enter the eastern Mediterraneanbringing Russia into the rival with France and England1787 Turks again declared war on Russia expecting France to help them since France was victorious in the American RevolutionFrance was too weak to help the Turks only leading to unilateral Russian gainsRussia became the most important power in Eastern EuropeFrance also showed her inability to help nearby states The Dutch Affair 1787Dutch was defeated in the fourth AngloDutch warSplit in the political parties proFrench and proBritishThe Patriarchs emerged lower class who also wanted a say in politicsThe Patriarchs received the most support from FranceThe Patriarchs challenged William V huge gains chased him out of the capital mistreated his familyChaos within the Dutch Republic This became an international affairoutside intervention of the Dutch AffairFrench Interest the Dutch Patriarchs serves the French interest to show that France is not yet deadBritish interest care about William V not allowed lowlands states to become French alliesPrussian interest the wife of William V was sister of the new Prussian King Frederick William II she was mistreated by the PatriarchsAug 1787 Prussia invaded the Dutch state with tacit approval from London restored William VFrance was compelled to sign a declaration to promise to never interfere with Dutch Affair which is extremely humiliating to France Development of Belgiumhaving seen the success of American Revolution and example of French Revolution1790 deposed Joseph declared independence united Belgium states broke away from the HabsburgEmpireAustria pulled out force with Russia and sent army to hold on to Belgiumwhy Because if Belgium succeeded every other subjugated state will do the sameBelgium was defeated and was brought back in the Habsburg handsFrance was unable to prevent this Austrian victoryproved again French paralysis French Revolution1789 July 14 French RevolutionBastille collapsed within a day National Assembly was called in brought in two crucial declarations1 declare the right of man and citizenequal in gods eye the king is the same with the civilian 2 abolished feudalism fear of peasantry
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