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Topic 8 - The Congress of Vienna

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic Eight The Congress of ViennaPost warEurope needed to deal with MaterialPhysiological lossThroughout the previous century this is the most devastatingexhausting destroying the whole Europe single superpower wipes out the rest of the states Balance of Power and new state system1814 vision strive for a new system eliminating the possibility of another NapoleonRealized that the cherished concept of balance of power was based on ignorance It was not automaticselfregulatory would not happen on its ownApproachA new international system underscored by military powers to provide tability for Europe Establish a common social cultural and political base that is to say religious commitment Was the Congress of Vienna successful YesFor 40 years it secured peace on the continent The entire principle of Congress of Vienna stayed alive till WWI No Already pitfall in the very beginning of the congress just in time before the Congress breaks downWhat to do with FranceTowards the end of Napoleons defeat the coalition states already begin to discuss the future of FrancePrussia dismantle France for the humiliationtake Alsace and Lorraine Russia di
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