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Topic 10 - Italian & German Unification

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic Ten ItalianGerman UnificationFragments after the Crimean WarBoth the Quadruple Alliance and the Holy Alliance have collapsedBritain fairly neutral policy focuses on recoveryRussia ceases to be the police of Europe focuses on the revisions of Treaty of ParisFrance dynamic and proactive policy Austria in illusion of legitimacy treaty rights and pledged words of honorAustria is in bad relation with the rest of the powers severely alienatedItalian UnificationSardinia the most advancedprosperous kingdom was the hope of Italian unificationHowever after 3 defeats including 1848 Sardinia nearly lost its hopeCavour PM of Sardinia had the following plan In the Crimean War Austria refused to ally with Britain However Sardinia offered 15000 troops to Britain not very many troops His aim a great power sympathysupport France and Sardinia were immediately drawn together although for completely different reasonsFrances agenda Napoleon participated in Italian revolution against Austria so his sympathy lies with Austria France always wanted a separate French Church while Austrian always sided with the Roman church Through the Italian case France could challenge the status quo without being seen as an instigat
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