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Topic 12 - Post Bismarckian period & Welpolitik

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Topic Twelve Post Bismarckian periodWelpolitik Bismarcks dismissal1887 Germany terminated loans German economic downturn but Russia needed the capital for industrialization France approached Russia and offered loan half a billion 1888Jan 1889 France offered another half a million rifles latest military technologyF successfully established a financial dependencyBy 1890 FR reopened negotiations Germany was sure that Russian would eventually come back because Russia had no other choiceRussian did come back but nothing came out Wilhelm I died succeeded by his son who died after 3 months succeeded by Wilhelm IIClash between Wilhelm II and Bismarck resulted in the dismissal of Bismarck FrancoRussian alliance 1890 Neue Kurs emphasized on AustriaBritain instead of Russia terminated the reassurance Treaty 1890 B and G signed agreement Britain cede an island in return some colonial territory in Eastern AfricaRussia is truly alarmed GIA alliance and needed to secure her own securityFrance is a republic
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