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Topic 16 WWII

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

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Topic SixteenthWorld War Two Breakout of WWIIWith the nonaggression pact Hitler had a free hand to deal with the west st Sep 1 1939 Hitler launched attack on Poland beginning WWII rd Sep 3 both B and F declared war against Germany BlitzkriegLightening war Although appeared also in B F R the idea of blitzkrieg was often associated with Nazi GermanyUsing tanks to break through enemies linebreaking one point achieving local superiority Cutting 3 Cs command control communication foodprovisionComplete freedom for local commandersPoland was wiped out in 4 weeksYugoslavia Denmark in 2 weeksFrance was wiped out in 6 weeksBelgium was wiped out in 10 days Stunning victory for Germany Western FrontPhony War B F did not help Poland at all at the beginningFrance Germany attacked May 10 1940 around the Maginot Line France confronted German in Belgium Germany managed to split the French army into twoAttack bridges communication lines civilian center etc paralyzing French ArmyPsychological warfare on Mass Scale attacking civilian target population in mass evacuated cities clogging roads and creating panic British expeditionary force trapped in the north French armies split in North and SouthJune 1940 Dunkirk Evacuation saving the British Expeditionary Force and huge French armyB totally defenseless only 2 divisions both of which were Canadian divisionst June 21 1940 France capitulated declared Paris an open cityThe capitulation treaty was signed in the same place where TOV was signed humiliating defeat for France Britain Germany still could not compete with the Royal Navy Navy did not play a important role in war anymore air force came to replace it Hitlers plan 2 and a half million planes bombardment achieving aerial superiorityB had a secret weapon radar station gave warning how many how strong what directionAugustOctober 1940 fierce air battlesGermany was planning to attack British radar station however Sep B attacked Berlin outraging Hitler he switched target and attacked London for revenge57 nights bombardment of London to break British moraleHowever such bombardment unified English people and the whole nation stood behind Churchill Realizing that he could not defeat B that quickly he turned his target to the Soviet Union
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