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Denis Smyth

On Statecraft and Strategy His103 Key words Notes OTZI-ice • We are naturally prone to violence – think hobbes. man. Died Lives are short, brutish, violent, and ugly. violently. • OTZI-ice man. The remains are five thousand hundren years old. Discovered in italty in a shelf of rock that was exposed thanks to global warming. • It was obvious after the initial investigation- that these were one of the oldest intact remains of someone who had been killed. • Finally, in November of 2010, a full autopsy was done which revealed that the human died violently. • Scars, and cuts on his hands proved that he had died in a fight. He was representative of the human remains that were stretching back to more than Emergenc hundred years e of • 3 quarters had died violently. The natural condition of human was the prominent on-going conflict. Sovereign • 75% people in history died violently but in this state. modern century the percentage is only 2. • Development that explains this reduction in violence is the emergence of sovereign state. • The sovereign state with a centralized government has emerged to enforce peace, and justice and to rid the world f violence. • Sovereign state explains the phenomena of the Four S’s. decline of violence across states sustenanc • States will come together to a central government e, shelter, to a central state?? society • Speaking overall-least sovereign state managed to and establish themselves as a universal governing. They security satisfied the fundamental human needs. This satisfaction of fundamental • Four S’s. sustenance, shelter, society and security. • They are mirrored by the basic interests of..? • National interests National - diplomatic: societal interests. - Economics - Cultural: societal - Strategic: personal security • Physical survival is the most fundamental of the The national interest. It is the preconditioned need that fundament needs to be satisfied before you can even al contemplate anything else. requrimen • The fundamental requirement was satisfied from ts. state to state. Enforcing peace and satisfied th • There is a demand from people to the government to be protected as a people. • The primary function of a state is to reserve the collective security of its people. If a state fails to do that then no matter how long it has lived, no matter how many years it has flourished for, the people will withdraw it’s support • Example: WWI. They threw out the Austrian, Russian governance because they were not doing their job any long. They failed to protect their people so they At the government fell dawn of the 20 th • The fundamental purpose of a state is to century protect its people. • That challenge has gotten more complex and we see an difficult. And has become more of a demanding emergenc e of a
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