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The Legacy of The Thirty Years War and the Peace of Westphalia September 17 2012Key Words Notes A working balance of power wasnt planned and turned out to bedifficulthowever a golden age of power was achievedEspecially in Europe th24 of October 1648 with the signature of the twin cities ofMunster Osnabruck two separate town in northwesternGermany These more or less catastrophic wars which Europe hadconflicted upon itselfthe 30 years war Lasting from 1618 to1648Peace of Westphalia 164830 years of wars was ended by the combined treaties of Munsterand 1659 the three Osnabruck peaces of 30 years warTwo of the biregional powers that signed up with the treaty 1 MusterOsnabruk prepared to make peace amongst them France and Spain fought concluded the war all arms until November 1659 a full decade later and then finally over Europe ended with the Peace of Pyrenees 2 Pyrenees concludedIR analysts recognize the Peace of Westphalia as the beginning of the war between the recognition that bares the function of the working france and spaininternational systemAs the foundational stone of what became the forge and fabricatethe power of international relation peace The steps1 The establishment of permanent embassies in foreignstates Diplomatic accreditations This was one legacy of the The peace of Westphalia peace of Westphalia It created the bonds that would create the contributed to the working International RelationsThere was a dialogue of international system in communication between states on the behalf of the citizens of three ways one state One obviously constructed legacy from the peace 1 Permanent embassies The eventual establishment of a functioning balance of power2 Post war conferences 2 There were post war conferences Great end of war 3 Enduring frontiers conferences Attempting to thrash out whatever problemsmight have caused the war and what will never bring the warabout again This is a precedent for the future An idea that aconference with all the powers involves winners or losers berepresented in time at a table to represent themselvesAnimportant factor is that everyone is involved The catholicpowers met at Munster and the protestant powers met atOsnabruck There are examples in later history of greatconflicts ending in stately manners Taking lessons from thepeace of Westphalia The inspirations from the examples setby the peacemakers of Westphalia for example the conferencein Vienna 3 Enduring FrontierThere is no doubt that one of theimportant contributions that can be made by a peaceconference to the eventual emergence of an internationalsystem is the agreed territorial settlement Without prospect
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