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Denis Smyth

The Eclipse of France Key words Notes  Bourbon hapburg competiton for the leadership of Euopr. It had a lot ot do with Kauntiz.  He recognized the needless posotion of the Austrian neatherlands. Ti as too costly, too expensive and above all something wanted by the French. And when we offer it to the French we gain a free hand and we eliminate the aliiance between France and Prussia and we can regain Silesia.  It ws the british search for security for hanover that clinched the  And it was this deal that outreagous Louis and this caused him to sign a defensive alliance between the two countries – france and Austrai. It was this that put Fredrick in the hottest spot above all  Fredrick knew that there would be a war, but he didn’t want to be caught between them.  Fredirck was fully aware of the implications of the alliance between France and Austrian. He was also aware that Austrai woul try to gian Sileiseia.  Time again the Prussians diplomat asked the  First of all h could not comprehend that maria could sit back abd niot fight for their richesty state.  Secondly he was receiving intelegence informationa that eh Austraian and france are a foot. Something is up.  Likewise, eh recived some inofrmationa from Saxony. By 1757 all three are prearing to go to war agasint Prussia.  That thesee three states will eventually go to war  Fredrick is stweeing in his own making. He could not go back to the French and he was clearly reciving information that these three states were preparing for war.  He calculated that the longer he waits for a sign fmor France, Ausrria or Saxony, the more time he was giving the anti-coaltion tiem to prepare for the war.  Sitting back was impossible for him. Feeling the diplomatic prrassure eventually forced him to resort to taking matters into his own hands.  He went back and build his army and by 1756 he sat down  A preemptive strike to preserve the advatages that he had. And that was a fully mobilized army. This budding anti-purssian coalition was not prepared. As Fredrick reconked that the faster he striked he might be able to fight them one by one.  The minutue he came up with this decisions.  He attacks Saxony frst - Geographic location: berline was only 50 kilometers form the boarder of Saxony. - Attacking the habpsburg empire would require him to go through Siliesia and he coulc get trapped there. And therefore - Also hoped to find evidence of this budding anti-prussian coalition. He wanted to find eveindece for this anti-pursssian coalition -  1756 caught Saxony off guard. In many ways many similar things happened. By attacking …? He not intitioed a small region of war, but he intitiated a world wide conflict. Bringing in almost every state of Europe in a major conflict. So the war was not only for Austrian, or Prussian survivial. It was also for the survival for the british an dfrench superiroty on the contitient.  Prussa was fragmented. The main body of Prussia. And the fragmeneted littler princepalities.  Given the fragmented situation of Prussia meant that it was always at the mercy of its enemy. - either to gian more territory - or.?  Caughint ght esaxons had no military. Hand.  Within five weeks Saxony was run over. It was compelled to become part of the Prussian army.  And finally the Saxony economy was completely turned over to foot the bill of the war and the serve the interst of Prussia.  Therefore, from the Prussian point of view it wasn’t soo bad. It made Prussia far from secure. Even though the attack agasint Saxony was a successful military campaign, it was terrible diplomatically.  By attacking Saxony Fredrick created what he wanted to avoid. An ant-prussian collation. It resulted in to of tehgreated changes. In St. Petersburg and in Prais  Russia. - an imperisal council - a Prussian - wanted to destroy Prussia. He wanted to do that will British help. But the British betrayed them. - Elizabeth dumped the chancouiler, and appointed another guy who was anti-Prussian and pro-French. Voroonstove - And this meant that for the first time France and Russia were on good terms.  Paris: - Louis dumped Fredrick and signed the trearty of Versailler. - With the attack against Saxony. - What louis did was offer Austria support until Silesia was in their hand. - He offered no less hten 1 million livre to finance the Austria war effort. - Offered 100, 000 troops till Prussia was defeated.  Austria - Kauntiz offered nothing in return - .  Tremendous mistake on Louis’s part. His main conflict was with British and not Prussia. Instead of protecting the his colonies and terriotoes. November 5, 2012 The Eclipse of France Part One: Key words notes  In the period after the 7 year of war there appeared to be a shift of power of stragetic gravity towards the eastern part of Europe.  Post 1763 seemed to indicated that the real power of balance had been shifted to Russia, Prussia and Austria.  External events showed that it were these monathcyes that called the shots and determined the map and the hierarchy of the system. For example, the fate of Poland, an independent medium
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