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Denis Smyth

November 7, 2012 The French Revolutionary Wars Key words Notes:  Crisis which reflected not only on france but the whole o Europe.  Many comteparprt commentors, even insideof France, also spoke of an international crisis. This crici was precoeprated in augus 1787 when the Turkish empire declaired war on Catharine II. - the turkis belated got their act together and declared war on Russia - in 1781, Rssia had signed a defensive alliance with Austria- Joeseph II. - He was caught a little unaware that he owed I tot Russia to join the war ith the Russians agasint the Turks. - Therefore, Austria wasn’t in a good position to mount a great war effort. But it was oblighed to do so through the alliance so in feb 1788 he declared war on the Turks too. - The Swdes saw their chance to regain their terrirty in jul 1788 they too declared war on Russia. - This of course divered the Russiasn to the north to focus on the sedes and this…?  This outbreak of large scale meuevers on the east part had an umpact on the east party.  Fredrick William II – Prussian king. Was egged on by the British to intervene with the Russian.  Because a few years before they had pagreed on  Pro-France Patriat party had taken in hld of Republic  Three difadvantages between the Dutch and French from british point of view. - naval supermanyc, the northern end of the English chanllege would be threatened. The union of French and Dutch nacval empire - they had a few stragetic French. Cape of Good hope. Dutch naval base there if it were made avaible to the French would challenge the british in the subcontinnat of india. - Ceylon: modern day sri lanka.  So It seemed that the dutch  With these intnerational problems, the domestic problems in France did not really attrack headlines.  Poland signed an alliance in 1789 with the Prussians to invade Bohemian empire.  The Spanish and Sardinians made moves on the Italian terrirtoies  It was the Russians
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