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Topic 1: Westphalia 1648 The end of The Thirty Years War and the Treaty of Westphalia 1648

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Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic one Peace Treaty of Westphalia lay out the patternprincipleapproach for IR which we are still using and will be using in the future What really upholds the European state system is the constant interplay of negotiations which nearly always maintains an overall balance 1761 JeanJacques RousseauAll wars since the Peace of Westphalia except WWII and the Korean War had negotiations and treaties Background1500s Holy Roman EmpireChristian churches are selling indulgences passports to Heaven to gain huge profits from ignorant civilians Oct 31 1517Martin Luther announced his objections against Christian churches denied the necessities of the Pope and the churches and initiated the Reformation MovementMartin Luther was considered heretic and was under prosecution Martin Luthers view was survived and was supported by some German Princes who wanted freedom from the Emperor Ferdinand I They transformed Luthers view of a new religion into a political indication they established Protestant states in the emperor but did not care about the religion itself at allIn 1618 Spain and Austria Habsburg declared war on Czech and Bohemia Bohemian Revolt aiming for the Protestan
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