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Topic 3 - Spanish Succession & Peace of Utrecht (1698-1714) Topic 3 - Spanish Succession & Peace of Utrecht (1698-1714)

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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

Topic Three War of Spanish SuccessionPeace of UtrechtThe issue of Spanish Succession Leopard I claim the empire for himself becausea He marries to a Spanish Infanta as well in legal term he is as rightful as Louisb Spanish Habsburg is related to leopard so Spain is all hisc Leopard claim it to himself while Louis claim it for his son so he actually has more rightsd Leopards reputation and prestige grew during the success of the wars with the Turks demanded voice Louis claim for his grandson main reason Maria Theresa did not get the dowry payment from Spain so she did not necessary renounce her succession in Spain The Two partition treaty 16981699 Louis XIV and William III wanting peace and to avoid war offer partition to break the Spanish empire and divide them between Bourbon France and Habsburg Austria1 First partition Louis own son Naples Sicily Sardinia Austria Milines Joseph Ferdinand Spain Failed because Joseph died 2 Second partition Louiss immediate heirthe Dauphin Louis Italian lands Archduke Charles rest of the empire Archduke Charles is not the immediate heir to the Austrian EmpireAlso failed a Louis XIVs direct heir gets something while Leopards direc
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